What We Do

Gardens and Plants are my passion

We live and work with plants all around us.

Every garden is as individual as we are – not only in plant selection but soil type aspect micro climate  personal choice maintenance  hours allocation.

My job is to help create a green place that  satisfies and enhances my clients lifestyle and pleasure. My philosophy has always been to provide a garden that exceeds my clients  dreams and falls within a predetermined budget.

An initial consulation meeting to  discuss your garden and help provide ideas;  costs and establish goals and a budget. By the end of this meeting I will  be able to assess your garden requirements.

More often than not I have lots of new ideas and thoughts that will take your garden plans to the next level.

Following our initial meeting which could take half an hour or three hours – it all depends on the complexity of you and your requirements – I send you a report and proposal for design or recommendations to help resolve issues discussed.

I love this part of the process – meeting new people and new gardens to plan. Its quite an honour to be  allowed into peoples gardens.

After drawing many thousands of garden designs over the years I don’t think any one project or client  is the same. I am still old school and hand draw all my plans.

Garden Types

A list of my all time favourite categories
  • The Plants Person – avid horticulturalist that really put my plant knowledge to the test. Often love collections of specific plant species. These people usually understand what a plant needs to grow successfully.
  • Builder – low cost solution to providing a satisfactory garden for new owners
  • Country Gardener – country properties have dominated my last 25 years of garden design.  An understanding of stock requirments; horse paddock layout and stable design; orchards and small holdings.
  • Seaside Gardens – simplicity and  selection of plants that will tolerate harsh conditions always throw up challenges
  • Tropical – a passion for lush  plants  with striking colours.
  • Formal Gardener – an extension of our lifestyle formed and ordered. The formal garden has been popular through the ages from Versailles through to the modern contemporary home.
  • The Garden Renovation – clearly this category covers a  large volume of my clients. Always a challenge to sort out what to keep; what to change;  and  then making those  tough decisions.  Its always a pleasure finding  some gardens with ancient trees and beautiful old houses that with just a few  improvements can become great again.
  • Vegetable and Kitchen Gardener – The desire to grow your own food makes a huge amount of sense and comes with the added pleasure of picking and watching  your own food grow
  • The Magazine Gardener ­– the avid gardener that loves so many things about gardens that the list of desires grows to an unbelievable size.  The pinterest  pages; gardening  magazines with post it notes in every other page ; photographs of gardens that are admired.  This client is bubbling with ideas and somehow we have to strike a selective compromise with the design.