Gardening and Landscaping Advice Best tips for gardens on the Sunshine Coast

Whats New In Garden Today

There is nothing much new in gardens. However trends do change and certain things reinvent themselves. The movement towards the use of  culinary plants within the garden design has become very popular. And for good reason.

Wherever possible I like to include some culinary or herbal plants  within garden beds or pots.  Dedicated vegetable  and picking gardens are also coming back into vogue. Growing fruit, vegetables, herbs and cultivating plants that can be picked for  arrangement  certainly does bring  a pleasure and lasting experience for all concerned. Children in particular learn so much growing vegies.

Common Garden Problems

After 46 years within the horticultural and landscape  field the same old issues constantly raise their heads. Not so much issues but situations that require solutions.

Screening unwanted views

The neighbours  house; a fence; the street; a power pole; pool pump – we often live in a suburban environment and selecting the correct plants to create your own private space is often a challeng

Low Maintenance

There must be less hours in the day these days. We all seem to be so busy that the poor old garden can get quite neglected. Designing a garden that requires  minimum maintenance can often be a compromise.

But with smart management of soil conditions; irrigation and correct plant selection maintenance can be kept to a minimum.

Instant effect

Plants  often take a long time to reach maturity. We would all like to see our gardens looking like the photographs we see in magazines etc. However instant effect comes with a cost.

My view has always been to buy plants that grow slowly in as large a size as your budget will allow and to buy plants that grow quickly in as small a size as you can find. Finding some  advanced plants  can also be a long  and expensive process.

Plants that  Fail

We take a nice looking plant from its lovely tendered and watered  nursery environment and plant into our garden  hoping it will grow  with the same vigour. There are so many environmental and physical factors that  are  trying to prevent that plant growing that often failure or  poor weak growth ensues.

A great deal of my work is assessing plants that are not doing well.  I  try to rectify the problems but often the problems are down to four items – incorrect plant selection; poor soil; lack of water and position ie sun / shade.


How much will a garden cost to construct; plant; irrigate; pave; deck add a pool?  Does my imagination and desires relate to my budget – a question that can be easily answered with an accurate estimate. However at the outset I have to try to determine at what budget level you want to start. Its really easy to design a palatial magazine style  garden  with no budget criteria.

It is also easy to give a ball park estimate at the outset but this comes with many pitfalls. I believe in producing an itemised estimate of costs for each section of the garden. This estimate forms part of the initial consultation process.